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Maxi Dunn has been writing songs since she was fourteen and joined her first band in 1990. However, Welcome To Soonville is her first full-length album, and it has certainly been worth the wait. Prompted by a tumultous year of personal events, Maxi found the inspiration to complete what feels like a very personal set of songs, and this makes the package a lot more powerful. 

Using musical support from Midlands producer and musician Pete Hackett and also Spanish Producers and power pop duo Cokeroque, the album has a very full pop-oriented sound. Maxi’s vocals are powerful and match the full pop sound. Standouts include the rollicking opener How Was I To Know?, the pop-friendly High As A Kite and the epic title track which builds from a gentle acoustic trickle to an epic orchestral rush examining mixed emotions of hope and dashed expectations.

You can read more about Maxi and the album at her website, and the album is available for pre-orders now with a signed photograph.  It will be available on ITunes and Amazon from October 12, and I recommend you go out and get this – you’ll be getting great music and supporting an independent artist who has realised her dreams of putting together a special debut.

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  1. Sounds like it’s gonna be a great album from what I’ve heard so far.

  2. Very cool review of a wonderful talented artist and an album that to me is Brilliant!!


    Bryan Therlin

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