Welcome to the Cabin Essence Blog

Welcome to the Cabin Essence Blog- many of you may say that this web page is entering the 21st century at last, but it is an opportunity to make this site even more interactive. We have had a chat and message board for many years – indeed Mike Wheeler who started the site was in many ways a pioneer for both- and now we have a third interactive option.

 So what will this blog be – as with the main page the focus will be Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys as the source of much great music, both in what they recorded and what they influenced. However, there will be discussion on other music as well -music that I hope shares some of the spirit that Brian brought to the music industry. You can be assured that discussion on Limp Bizkit will not be entered into here, except maybe on April’s Fools

 I guess in some way one can say this blog is a bit late…the Beach Boys’ heyday is over,  SMiLE has been released and it is very possible Brian’s major touring days are over. But there is so much great music to discuss, and there are things that may happen….stories of Brian colloborating with Burt Bacharach which certainly excites me, faint possibilites of reconciliation amongst the living Beach Boys….

So I hereby launch the good ship, Cabin Essence blog. Enjoy, and as well with all the forums on this page, remember love and mercy…and civility




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