Bob’s Ode To The Past And Present

He was around during the Civil Rights movement, Vietnam War, Oil crisis, Great Financial Crisis, and now Bob Dylan is thankfully very much around during the COVID-19 crisis. Not only that, he has released his first original song since 2020.

Murder Most FoulĀ throws in a litany of cultural references is Dylan’s first original song, and his longest ever. Ostensibly about JFK’s assassination, that NPR has noted is “worth many repeated listens and will occupy any Dylanologist holed up at home”. One of the references is the Beach Boys own Carl Wilson.

There is a contrast between the soft musical background of piano and violins and Dylan’s harsh tone and words, which makes it partially an easy listen, and partially a difficult one. What is for sure is that it is the perfect song for these time of introspection and isolation.

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