23 Songs For Today

1. Lightning In A Bottle- Carly Pearce
2. Love Has No Heart -Carly Pearce
3. Greener Grass -Carly Pearce
4. Crescent Noon -Carpenters
5. Big Mouth -A Girl Called Eddy
6. Charity Shop Window -A Girl Called Eddy
7. Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart -A Girl Called Eddy
8. Not That Sentimental Anymore -A Girl Called Eddy
9. Two Hearts -A Girl Called Eddy
10. Come To the Palisades! -A Girl Called Eddy
11. Life Thru The Same Lens -A Girl Called Eddy
12. Fading… -A Girl Called Eddy
13. The Brothers Williams Said -The Innocence Mission
14. Sun on the Square -The Innocence Mission
15. Dogwood -Jenny Lewis
16. Taffy -Jenny Lewis
17. OMG ILY -Madison Kozak
18. Nothing Is in Vain -MonaLisa Twins
19. A Little Crazy -Nicole Atkins
20.Neptune City -Nicole Atkins
21. Thank You Very Much -Saint Etienne
22. Tramway Song -Saint Etienne
23. Bad Habit -Sarah Darling

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