10 Years On


In the past few days, I’ve just realised that this blog is over 10 years old. The 10th birthday was actually on September 2 as my first post will attest , but it’s taken until today for me to celebrate the 10th anniversary. I started the blog at a time when the excitement around the SMiLE shows and album release was subsiding, and there was a possibility of a quiet, honorable retirement for Brian. However, the last 10 years have brought us Lucky Old Sun, That’s Why God Made The Radio, No Pier Pressure, the 50th anniversary Beach Boys tour and Pet Sounds 50. If the release of SMiLE was an absolution from a long-time burden, the past 10 years have seen Brian both reclaim his status as a Beach Boy (and ensure that the Beach Boys studio album history will probably end with a very good album dominated by Brian rather than a dressed-up Mike Love solo), as well a vital solo artist still able to add classics to his canon. At a personal level, I’ve seen a one-off Brian show in London in 2006, the Lucky Old Sun premiere shows, four Beach Boys 50 shows, two Pet Sounds 50 shows, a Flames reunion and even one Mike Love show in my hometown under the name of the Beach Boys.

Of course, this blog hasn’t been all about the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson. While we seem to be a long way from an era where great music and chart success could be mentioned in the same breath, there is still a lot of great music being made, and some of it has been reviewed on this blog. In this respect, I would like to give a special shout-out to The Explorers Club, who have made three fantastic albums reflecting the best qualities of Brian and the Beach Boys, while still bringing through their own approach to melody and harmony.

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