Pet Sounds Track-by-track X: Here Today

The descent after the idealism and spiritual love of God Only Knows into reality and heartbreak continues with Here Today, a song that sets out in pretty clear terms the reality of love after the sunshine and flowers phase, and that for every new love, there is usually at least one broken heart somewhere. The Beach Boys are known for their “noises” on the early songs- studio chatter and noises that can be heard on the final mix on the song, and this song has some of the most obvious of them, especially during the instrumental break. The resulting effect makes the song sound more “realistic” rather than sloppily recorded.

The other main feature of this song is the highlighting of one of Brian’s key techniques during this “genius” phase -the tempo changes and use of distinct sections of the song. This also fits in very well with the “mixed” feelings that this record evokes.

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