Pet Sounds Track-by-track VI: Let’s Go Away For A While

When I first bought Pet Sounds on it’s reputation (being a Beatles fan, and only knowing the hit songs from that album), the first “new song” that really struck me was this instrumental -the ending immediately struck me and made me realise that the album’s reputation was more than justified. Brian has often said that this is one of his great pieces of music, and the scale and ambition of what he wanted to put together was extremely ambitious, and fortunately, very successful.

The power here is creating pictures in words – you may hear something different -but for me there is the bustle of every day life, the tranquility of escape and then the excitement of “getting away” in the three sections of the piece -the last section is one of the most wonderful pieces of music that I know, where there is so much going on, but it all fits together.  And right now, doesn’t everyone want to get away from it all. If your first impression is that the instrumentals on Pet Sounds are filler, think again -they are core to what this album is about.


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