Pet Sounds Track-by-track V: I’m Waiting For The Day

Brian’s hoarding of songs is not a recent thing- I’m Waiting For The Day is actually a 1964 Brian Wilson/Mike Love composition that was resurrected for Pet Sounds. Brian’s judgment was spot on in that this fits in completely, but it also shows the important role the other Beach Boys had in this album.

I’m Waiting For The Day fits into the first half of Pet Sounds unshakable belief in the power of romantic love. There is an acknowledgement of time needed for healing and the imperfection of  feelings not reciprocated, but a belief that true love and romance will triumph in the end -note also the sense of patience and caring in the singer’s tone, rather than bravado and arrogance. All this is backed up with the wonderful changes of pace, production and harmonies that make the entire album compelling. At a personal, and somewhat indulgent level, it’s also a song that’s led to my only referenced work on Wikipedia. 

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