The SMiLE we all needed

1o years ago and a day ago, I experienced history and one of the greatest days of my life. I was privileged to watch the first performance of SMiLE and the evening that Brian Wilson conquered his biggest demon. Indeed, having grabbed tickets just about the instant I heard about the historic performance, I stood meters away as the mystery became reality.

When the SMiLE tour was announced, the reality of Brian performing his great lost work seemed almost too good be true. And when things are too good be true, sometimes they aren’t true. So there was skepticism, combined with excitement as the day came closer. I remember the evening before the show having recurring, vivid dreams about Brian pulling out of the show at the last minute. And as the SMiLE DVD revealed, the rehearsal process for SMiLE was not smooth sailing, with the hurt of the previous failures of SMiLE no doubt haunting him.

The first half of the show went smoothly, with And Your Dream Comes True being a perfect opener. We started to believe the dream was coming true. But at half time, we knew the real game was still ahead, and there was a nervous muted energy. Then the first harmonies of Our Prayer started. It was happening

About 45 minutes later, SMiLE had been completed. And then what must still be the greatest standard ovation in musical history. Tears of joy. And acknowledgement to the co-creator Van Dyke Parks.  Some things are too good to be true.


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