What Makes Brian So Special?

It’s been a quite time in terms of Beach Boys and Brian news, and I don’t have any new music to review (hope to get my hands on the new Beatles BBC collection soon), so I’m going to go back to the great old message board threads, and particularly the one which asks the question “what is it that makes Brian so special?

Everyone will have their own answer, and there are a lot of thoughts in the archived thread,  but here are some thoughts from a poster named Word Cleaver

For me the essence of Brian wilson is captured in both the music and words of the extended bridge to Wouldn’t It Be Nice. He realizes that the more he talks with his love about the love they can’t yet have, the harder it will be to live with the longing. Yet he concludes, “…but let’s talk about it”. That’s Brian! Don’t be afraid to love! It’s that sweet longing that permeates his music. Plus the music to that segment leaves me spellbound: the way the vocal harmonies vibrate with the sax and the accordian just sends shivers. Then it’s followed by that great drum break, ba dum, ba dam…..almost like a great slap of awarness that leads us back to the question: wouldn’t IT be nice? Except now it’s sung not so much as in longing for IT, but celebrating IT! Whew! It dosen’t get any better than that in pop music! Sleep tight baby!

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