Shut Down Volume 2 Revisited

No, it’s not time for the 50th year review of the Beach Boys 5th studio album yet. But it is time to remind you of our message board, one that has been through many incarnations, as the name may suggest. It’s also worth having a look at some of the great discussions in the past here.

Just as a taster of what is there, here’s a post from the thread “why don’t women like the Beach Boys?” by a poster named White Cap.

“Contrary to popular belief, I think men are much more emotional than women.Women let out surface shit like crying to their friends because everyone’s going away to school, but I think men have emotion that runs deeper than oceans. We hold them in, (we must) and we confront them in private, in our rooms, in our sleep, in our car, in our MUSIC. Music can BREAK a man in half. Tear him down to a child. Sitting on the floor, crying, listening to those beautiful melodies, wanting love, wanting to give love, share love, feel, feel, feel. Women like to dance to music, and have beautiful rhythm, but I’ve never met one where the music could kill them. Where the music was EVERYTHING. Where music had the power to strip them of walls and masks.For my male friends, music saves them. It purges them of deep desperation and anguish in this idiotic world where men can’t cry.”

Thought-provoking for sure.   Completely wrong, maybe? Discuss!

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  1. thorgil says:

    I just tried to register to the message board. What’s the use of this reminder when registrations are closed? A board with closed registrations is dead.
    Otherwise, great site.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi -check this thread and email the address in the thread

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