Maxi’s Gambit Accepted

Less than two years ago, I reviewed Maxi Dunn’s first full-length solo album Welcome To Soonville.  Now she is back with her sophomore release, The Neglected Gambit, and like any good second-year student,  the album reflects learning and growth compared to its predecessor.

As with the first album, Peter Hackett produces and plays most of the instruments, providing a full pop-rock sound that should make most radio stations ashamed of their current playlist.  Noteworthy tracks include the fantastically catchy and melodic Will You Forgive Me, the beautiful Baby, It’s So Wonderful and the epic Winter Ghost. Throughout the album, Maxi’s emotive vocals are a real treat, and you can really sense that she really means every word.

You can order the album at Maxi’s website or buy downloads at Amazon or ITunes. As she says on the title track, “I have a good heart and a soul to share, with someone, please share my love.” – so take a gambit of your own,  and share some time with Maxi’s music.

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