Now (People) That’s What I Call (Real) Music

Ok, time for my first album recommend on this blog. This is a recent release; indeed it is only available from the bands MySpace site until 19 September. The band is The Now People; the album is the Last Great 20th Century Love Affair and the time to get it is now. There is a pretty close Brian Wilson connection in that Probyn Gregory and Nelson Bragg, both regulars in Brian Wilson’s touring band, are part of the group.

The group brands itself around the “Now” sound as an undefinable but definitive sound that is current, and for all ages. The sound is very much the late 60s Sunshine Pop sound that was influenced by Brian Wilson, and taken further by people such as Curt Boettcher and Rogers Nichols, with possibly a slight power pop edge. And indeed it is a sound that will evoke a lot of emotions in the listener- a sound sadly that isn’t that “now” [rant begins]  thanks to the general garbage that radio stations and record companies have force fed us and desensitized us from what is truly good and beautiful.  [/end rant] Ultimately it comes down to the songs, which feature strong tunes and great arrangements. My personal favorites are Something Happened and My Luck Ran Out, but everything is pretty solid. Overall, a great album that affirms one faith that great music is still out there if one is prepared to search a bit.


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