Good Day For Music Christmas Shopping

If you’re music shopping for Christmas, today is your lucky day. Brian Wilson band member Taylor Mills is releasing her second album Under The Surface today, and based on her first album, this is definitely worth seeking out especially as most of the songs were written by Lucky Old Sun co-writer Scott Bennett.  You can buy the album off her website here.

Secondly, it’s the official release of Maxi Dunn’s solo release, Welcome To Soonville, already reviewed on this blog and well-worth getting, order details are here

Finally, today sees the release of Bob Dylan’s Christmas album, Christmas In The Heart. While your initial reaction to a Dylan Christmas record may be the same as one from Marilyn Manson, it is worth remembering Dylan’s connections to spirituality and American tradition. This album is a charity record supporting food security around the world, so it is also well worth getting here, if not available at your local store.

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