Tangled Up In Soul

Anny Celsi is part of the extended family of Los Angeles musicians with extensive links to Brian Wilson. Indeed, her latest album is produced by Nelson Bragg, and Anny and Nelson have been touring Europe together. I reviewed her first album a few years back, and she has now released her second full-length album, Tangle-Free World.

The new album is a winner and should appeal to a wide range of fans – it should be essential listening for Brian Wilson fans as well fans of Nelson Bragg’s smooth Day Into Night.  There is a lot of variety on the album, but also a lot of care on each track- some highlights include the classic country pop of First Love Freezes, the soulfully brilliant Now You Can Hurt Me, and the wonderful pop sounds of Own Sweet Time. Nelson Bragg shares vocals on the cover of Lee Hazelwood’s Some Velvet Morning, while the other cover Sally Go Round The Roses features Evie Sands. My personal favorite is the aching closer Paper Umbrella which is really lovely and deserves a lot more exposure.

Nelson Bragg brings in some of the smooth West Coast production touches of his own solo, but there is also a great sense of the Wrecking Crew sound of Brian Wilson’s most famous works. Overall, there is genuine quality here and it comes with my highest recommendation. You can get it at the German website www.taxim.com and there will be a USA release on 25 September 2009.

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