Prefab News

The new Prefab Sprout album is becoming more of a reality with a release date of 7 September announced. Preliminary trackist is

1. Let There Be Music
2. God Watch Over You
3. The Last Of The Great Romantics
4. Let’s Change The World With Music
5. Angel of Love
6. Earth: The Story So Far
7. Falling In Love
8. I Love Music
9. Meet The New Mozart
10. Music Is a Princess
11. Ride Home To Jesus
12. Sweet Gospel Music

 Tracks 2 and 11 were previously released on a Wendy Matthews album which I have, and are both very good. If you read this thread on the Sproutnet site, you will see this is something of a lost Prefab album, being finalised by Paddy McAloon in a similar way to Brian finishing SMiLE.  All very exciting!

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