A Girl Called Brilliant

When I first stumbled across A Girl Called Eddy’s website, the first thing that I noticed was that her list of influences was about the closest to my own musical loves that I had ever seen- Brian Wilson, Beatles, Bacharach, Jimmy Webb, Prefab Sprout and Scott Walker were all listed. So I started to listen to her music with great expectations, and I can happily report that these expectations have been met.

A Girl Called Eddy is Erin Moran, an American living in England, and her main work to date is her eponymous solo album, released in 2004. It is an extremely strong collection of pop tunes with├é┬ádecent production and powerful lyrics, but the highlight is Eddy’s aching vocals. Overall, many of the songs are somewhat downbeat in theme and tone, but it is not the “hate myself and wanna die” type sense you get from the album, but rather a sense of growth, courage and survival shaped by personal experience- and from what I have read, many of these songs are very personal.

My personal favorite is Golden – I have seen it described as a Goodbye To Love for this decade, and the song manages to convey both deep loss and tremendous joy and depth of experience.

Eddy’s original website is now sadly departed from this ether, but she is active on MySpace, and I also have a small fan site with discography and link information. I wish her every success for the future, and hope that there is more great music from the girl who really should be called brilliant.

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