Back In The Circle

Full Circle

Not sure how this one escaped me, but glad I’ve got it now…many of you won’t have heard of Roger Nichols but all of you know We’ve Only Just Begun (the Carpenters wedding staple) and indeed, Mr. Nichols is the co-writer of that song. His one album of classic Sunshine Pop was one of the first reviews of this blog and now, he has got back with his group, The Small Circle Of Friends to record some of his classic songs. This was actually released in Japan last year, but thanks to Steve Stanley of the Now People, it now has a worldwide release and is available on Amazon.

You may well know the classics Let Me Be The One and Out In The Country, which are featured here, but there are beautiful songs throughout, including Look Away and the inspring instrumental, The Winner’s Theme. Also featured are five 60s era demos of songs featured on the album. This is classic sunshine pop, with beauty and depth, and one of the great songwriters. Highly recommended.

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