Brian’s Hidden Beauties LV: The Revo-lution

As you can see, we are catching up on our hidden beauties after a bit of a Lucky Old Sun induced hiatus. And here is a real obscurity, and no, it is not Brian Wilson making an early political statement. Rather, it is Brian’s response to the dance crazes like the Loco-motion that were popular in the early 60s. According the liner notes for Pet Projects  (where you can find this track), this was quickly written by Brian and Gary Usher and recorded by a quickly assembled group of singers monikered Rachel And The Revolvers.

The result isn’t a major classic, but it does show Brian’s ability with the classic pop sound, and one does feel that with the right promotion, we could be dancing the Revo-lution still in 2008. Indeed, maybe it would be a good dance for these crazy times….

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