Hope And Stillness In The Turmoil

A World Of Peace Must Come

One can’t review the recent release of Stephen Kalinich’s A World Of Peace Must Come  on the same terms as a conventional music release – primarily because it is essentially a poetry album, and also patently homemade. And even although I can’t claim to be overqualified to review music, I feel even less qualified to discuss poetry.

The story of Kalinich is compelling -the poet who befriended and colloborated with all the Wilson brothers; the poet who spread a message of peace and harmony even in the madness and excesses of the late 60s.

Brian Wilson is present on the album -as co-producer and provider of some light musical touches- but the key here are the words of Kalinich.  And on those terms, much of this work has an incredible resonance, especially in the current turmoils all over the world. America I Know You could easily be adapted by one of the current election candidates (but I hope it isn’t). Be Still, expanded from the briefer version sung by Dennis on the Friends album brought a tear to my eye in it’s reflections on personal growth – especially the lines

“Know that your life is meant for joy

That you are meant to grow sturdy like the tall oak tree

Know that like the flower takes the sun and wind and rain

And eventually blossoms

Your life too must go through many changes

You must take in many thoughts and  much experience

Before you blossom”

As a Beach Boys-related artifact, this album deserves to see light of day, but it is much more than this – it’s a stirring evocation of the spoken word and a time capsule that was maybe meant to be held back and speak to us all in 2008.

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