Vocal Harmonies For Susan

Symphonies for Susan

Believe it or not, I have been listening to other new music other than That Lucky Old Sun!  Well, new music in that is something I haven’t heard before, but it’s actually classic sunshine pop from the late 60s! The Arbors have an interesting story (well told at Allmusic) and from a hitmaking perspective, it is a very much a case of “what might have been.”

The only currently available CD of their works is the 2007 anthology Symphonies For Susan which covers a fair bit of their recorded work. It’s an interesting mixture of Four Freshmen harmony styles gradually moving into more rock-oriented sensibilities. There are interesting covers of the Doors Touch Me and Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone, as well as songs that were also covered by the Beach Boys –Graduation Day and The Letter. And by the time we get to Hey Joe, we are combining the Four Freshmen harmonies with some pretty hard rocking!

The approach works best on the romantic harmony tracks, particularly A Symphony For Susan and Most Of All. Overall, it’s not the greatest sunshine pop, but there are moments of harmonic bliss and romantic sophistication that should put smiles on any harmonic pop fans. You can get it on Amazon.

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