Exploring The Sound

Freedom Wind

I’ve already indicated the promise shown by the Explorers Club on their single releases, and now we have their first full-length album, Freedom Wind, as a showcase of their talents and ability to capture the essence of the classic Beach Boys sound. And I’m glad to say that, in a year that hasn’t been a barrel of joy for most of the world, this is a sure tonic of hope and good spirit.

Sure, the sound may be derivative and not show a huge progression from 40 years ago, but if the best way to beat Tiger Woods is to play like him, the best way to make a classic pop album is to pick up on that classic vibration from “America’s Band.” The singles Do You Love Me? and Last Kiss sound like classic pop songs that somehow got lost over the years, but when the band taps into the melancholy vein that permeates Brian’s best work , the album really takes off into the stratosphere of greatness. Tracks like Don’t Forget The Sun, Lost My Head, If You Go, Safe Distance and Hold Me Tight tap into the same California yearning and heartbreak as The Warmth Of The Sun and Please Let Me Wonder.

And these aren’t California middle-aged revivalists, but 20somethings from South Carolina who have had their music featured on hip shows like The O.C and How I Met Your Mother. So this is definitely an album to rediscover one’s hope, share one’s heartbreak with and generally groove to – all Beach Boys fans, pop pickers and simply those who appreciate good music will find a lot here. You can get at Amazon or download at eMusic if you want this music in a hurry -and you should!

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