Covering The Sun

We have a first sight of what I assume is the official cover for That Lucky Old Sun on Amazon now -first impression is that it’s very Orange County. Seriously, it is bright and visually appealing and will hopefully be attracting all those record buyers come September. Also interesting is the Amazon tracklist, which is a bit different to the one on the official press release. For the record, the Amazon list is

1. That Lucky Old Sun

2. Morning Beat

3. Room With A View (narrative)

4. Good Kind Of Love

5. Forever My Surfer Girl

6. Venice Beach (narrative)

7. Live Let Live

8. Mexican Girl

9. Cinco de Mayo (narrative)

10. California Role

11. Between Pictures (narrative)

12. Oxygen To The Brain

13. Been Too Long

14. Midnight s Another Day

15. Lucky Old Sun Reprise

16. Goin’ Home

17. Southern California

18. Roll-Around Heaven Reprise

The two “reprise” tracks are not in the press release, and there is some different naming, especially Been Too Long instead of Can’t Wait Too Long. It will be interesting to see if the work will be extended at all from the live show (there was some concern it may be too short for a CD) and particularly if the section that was played in the first half of last year’s UK shows would be included at all -this may be a possibility with the “reprise” tracks being listed.

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