We’re All Landlocked

In our current circumstances, a release this year by Brian Wilson or the Beach Boys called Landlocked would be rather appropriate. Of course, many Beach Boys fans know the title Landlocked, and some may think it is another great “lost album” from exactly 50 years ago. However, that’s not quite true -the real story behind the titles is as follows.

A tape was made by engineer Steve Desper in late 1970 of some of the songs that the Beach Boys had completed but not released yet. As Landlocked was the working title for the Surf’s Up album, some “experts” assumed that this tape was Landlocked, another “great” lost album, although this was the intention at all, and the name Landlocked was simply a working title that was abandoned.

Many of the songs on the Steve Desper tape were released on subsequent albums, sometimes in altered form, and  all of them have now been released in some form or other. A list of the songs and their subsequent fate follows.

Loop De Loop-released on 1998 compilation Endless Harmony, slightly altered
Susie Cincinnati- released as a B-side in 1970 and on 15 Big Ones
San Miguel- released in 1981 on 10 Years Of Harmony and later on Good Vibrations box set
H.E.L.P. Is On The Way – released on Good Vibrations box set
Take A Load Off Your Feet- released on Surfs Up album
Carnival -released in 2019 on the 1969 copyright release I’m Going Your Way
I Just Got My Pay – released on the Good Vibrations box set
Good Time- released on Love You album
Big Sur – somewhat different version released on Holland
Lady – released as Dennis Wilson single, released on CD on the 2009 Summer Love Songs compilation
When Girls Get Together – released on Keepin’ The Summer Alive
Lookin’ At Tomorrow – released on Surf’s Up
Til I Die- released on Surf’s Up.

So you could pretty much make your own Landlocked playlist without even needing to track down a bootleg. But if there is an archival copyright release this year, or a new Brian Wilson record, this would still be a perfect title.

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  1. ken bodger says:

    im sooo glad I found this site….I have been a BB fan since forever. Came to calif in 68 because of them.

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