No Presents This Christmas?

For most of this decade, the Beach Boys have given us a Christmas present -an archival (copyright extension) release of often previously unknown material. Last year, we had the excellent Wake The World: The Friends Sessions and I Can Hear Music: The 20/20 Sessions  as a double Christmas bonus. However, with us now well past the dates where the previous releases came out, it seems that we won’t get a decade-ending present. Of course, the only 1969 album, 20/20, was already covered in last year’s release and Sunflower only came out in 1970. So we may have to wait another year -there have been some rumors around extensive box set coverage of the much-loved but poor-selling 1970 album that started a tough decade for the Beach Boys on such a promising note.

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  1. John Manning says:

    Still a glimmer of hope – these are really year-end releases, not Christmas releases, and there’s still one Friday to go before 2020.

    I’m optimistic for a digital download next Friday, covering just those titles which have never been released before, to take care of the copyright issue, followed by a physical set and complementary digital download dump, maybe in the sum-sum-summertime.

    A man has to live in hope!

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