Pet Sounds Track-by-track I: Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The opening track of Pet Sounds is a well-known to most people; it provided an upbeat and hopeful start to the album. If Pet Sounds is all about young adulthood and realising that love and life are more than just a game, Wouldn’t It Be Nice has an almost pre-adulthood naivete to it in it’s idealisation of love and marriage.

Musically, it is “fast” enough to have been a USA top 10 hit and something of a 60s classic. However, there is also more than enough here to realise that we at the beginning of an album that will “re-define” what pop is about. The most powerful feature of the song is the changes-of-pace which are always engaging and exhilarating. We also have Brian’s ability to use exotic instrumentation -something which Nelson Bragg noted in a recent radio interview was an important part of his genius. On this track, accordions are featured strongly. All of this is melded with a strong melody and harmony, and Pet Sounds has a powerful kickstart.

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  1. Jeff says:

    It’s wonderful always to read others’ thoughts on my favorite song of all time. I’m looking forward to the rest of the “Pet Sounds” entries …

    I find your blog really interesting by the way … I’m just discovering sunshine pop in depth and I’m making sure I write down a lot of the band and song names you mention here …

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the comments – appreciate them!

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