On Our Own Again

A lot of fine musicians have passed away recently, but for me, the loss of Scott Walker has hit pretty hard. As one of my top 10 favorite musicians,  responsible for one of my all-time favorite albums, this blog has featured Scott Walker a number of times. His story of a teenage idol who was up there with the Beatles in terms of popularity in the UK who became an avant-garde artist who influenced Bowie and many others – a man who refused to follow trends or any conventional route to fame. Even although he wasn’t a young man, his completely unexpected passing was consistent with doing everything on his own terms.

Like many Scott Walker fans, my favorite works remain his five albums from 1967 to 1970 which combined beauty, great vocals, melancholy and meaning. I’ve even got used to 1995s Tilt, which has great beauty in the starkness of the difficult words and melodies. His work in 2000 is more difficult, but there are some glimpses of beauty in his soundtrack work for Vox Lux that was released last year. Indeed, his last two works were movie soundtracks -fitting for artist who once summarized a movie in a four minute song (Seventh Seal) and whose true-life story is stranger than much fiction. Rest well, Scott Walker, and thank-you for being a bit part of the soundtrack of my life.

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