A Very Hidden Treasure

Waterbeds in Trinidad! cover

Waterbeds In Trinidad is a pretty off the wall title, and the album cover in the snow adds the oddity, especially as Trinidad is one of the last places you would expect snow. The Association’s eighth album, and only one for Columbia Records, sunk without trace in the early 70s -not surprising, with the height of Sunshine Pop long gone, and even the Beach Boys moving into a more soulful phase with So Tough.

Indeed, Waterbeds In Trinidad has some country rock influences which distinguish from the earlier work of the group, but the harmonies and melodicism are very much there, with some beautiful songs including Rainbows Bent, Midnight Wind and Indian Wells Women. There is an energetic cover of Goffin/King’s Snow Queen, and Little Road And A Stone To Roll is one of those songs that you feel an identity with on first listening.

This will never be a mainstream classic, but it is a record that you can listen through and say “this is quite nice” and want to play over a few times. It is shifting for a few dollars at the moment on Amazon , but I would certainly recommend it, even at that price.

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