23 Songs For Today

  1. Under -Carla Werner
  2. Sweet Ride -Courtney Jaye
  3. Strawberry Wine -Deana Carter
  4. This Land Is Mine -Dido
  5. Hold Me Like a Gun -Elise Davis
  6. Dreaming Trees -Emma Stevens
  7. Oh Do Not Fly Away -The Innocence Mission
  8. In Perfect Time -Jill Barber
  9. Bo Ba Bo -Joanna Wallfisch
  10. Love Is a Wild Thing- Kacey Musgraves
  11. You’re Not Mine -The Last Detail
  12. Everywhere I Go -Lissie
  13. Going Home -Mary Fahl
  14. Lying To The Moon -Matraca Berg
  15. Wrong Impression -Natalie Imbruglia
  16. The Way It Is -Nicole Atkins
  17. Manhattan -Sara Bareilles
  18. I Could Not Ask for More -Sara Evans
  19. Starry Eyes -Sarah Darling
  20. Sounds of Water/ Change Your Mind -Sarah Slean
  21. I Know Myself Too Well -Swan Dive
  22. You On My Mind- Swing Out Sister
  23. Snow Canyons -The Watson Twins

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