Pet Sounds 50 ..And 2

Since I last posted, we’ve had Pet Sounds 52nd birthday, taking place while Brian Wilson is still touring the album’s 50th birthday. Here is what I wrote about the greatest album in the universe on it’s golden anniversary. There’s been a wedding that some of you have heard about, and in much more obscure but highly welcome news….after 14 years, a new album from A Girl Called Eddy.

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  1. Dutch Van Dyke says:

    I am heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the “Pet Sounds” concert on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 … with my 12 year old son along. He’s come to love Bill Haley, the Everlys, Elvis, Little Richard, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys (as well as many others among the greats) – the last thanks to my CD of “Endless Summer” (and he now has his own), and the divine sounds coming out of SiriusXM channel 4, Good Vibrations. CANNOT WAIT!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Enjoy the show!

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