A Solo Artist

52 years and one day ago, the first record with a Brian Wilson solo credit came out. With Caroline No as the feature signal, and Summer Means New Love as the flipside, it is surely one of the greatest single releases ever. Of course, the solo credit was an anomaly for a singer who was very much part of the Beach Boys at stage. It took another 30 years before Brian marked his debut as predominantly a solo artist with another single –Let’s Go To Heaven In My Car.

Another 10 years later was another milestone -Brian’s first solo show, filmed for the Imagination DVD. That show was a one-off, but from the following year, Brian was officially on tour, and this year, will mark his 20th successive year on the road. Brian Wilson will always be a Beach Boy, but has now spent more than half his musical career doing predominantly solo music, and a fair portion of that as a touring artist.

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