My favorite musicians: 11-20

Before we look at the next 10 of my favorites, it is appropriate to mourn another loss in the rock world. Jim Rodford, who had close associations with the Zombies and Kinks, as well as many other bands, passed away yesterday. He was in the touring version of the Zombies that I was lucky enough to see in 2012.

Here are my artists ranked 11-20 . I haven’t done any ranking within the bands of 10. A reminder that this list is very personal, and exclusion, or lower ranking of an artist does not imply that I am conclusively saying they are not as good as my topped ranked musicians. It’s just about the music that works for me.

Simon And Garfunkel: An early favorite of mine -although the duo had only five proper albums, there is also plenty of great solo music from both of them.
Byrds: A hugely influential band, with Gene Clark, David Crosby, Roger McGuinn, Chris  Hillman and Gram Parsons all playing important roles in the development of pop, folk, rock and country.
Lucky Soul: One of the best “newer” bands around; was great to have them release new music last year after a bit of a break.
REM: Had some of their music before they became huge. They made some consistently good albums over more than 30 years.
Dexys: They have only releases five proper albums in over 35 years but these have contained some wonderful, emotionally-laden music.
Explorers Club: Another of my top “new” bands -they have released three consistently brilliant records.
Pernice Brothers: Joe Pernice has made a lot of thoughtful alternative pop records since 1991.
Association: One of the prime Sunshine Pop bands. Cherish was an early favorite, but there is a lot more to them.
Swan Dive: Bill de Main may not be a household name, but he is a top songwriter.
Belle And Sebastian: There are a few Scottish groups in my lists, but these are the top of my Scottish pops.

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