My favorite musicians: 21-30

Before looking at my next 10 favorite musical artists, here is a link to a touching story about Brian Wilson’s school righting a wrong from 60 years ago. 

So here are my artists ranked 21-30 . I haven’t done any ranking within the bands of 10. A reminder that this list is very personal, and exclusion, or lower ranking of an artist does not imply that I am conclusively saying they are not as good as my topped ranked musicians. It’s just about the music that works for me.


Innocence Mission: Lovely mostly acoustic music from a husband and wife duo.
Free Design: Sunshine pop group who are quite obscure, but made a comeback in popularity in 2000s.
Hollies: Known for their 60s British pop, also responsible for one-third of Crosby, Stills and Nash.
October Project: Best known for their two 1990s albums, but are still around in various combinations and solo work.
Housemartins/Beautiful South: Paul Heaton’s two groups have been responsible for great British pop since the mid-80s.
Bee Gees: One of my first loves as I grew up in the Saturday Night Fever era. Their early music was my first real introduction to great 60s music.
Neko Case: Alternative country superstar who has made consistently good music since the 90s.
Fifth Dimension: One of the few on my list who are performers rather than songwriters, but are here for their great interpretation of Bacharach, Webb and other great writers.
High Llamas: First band I really got into based on internet discussions.
Kacey Musgraves: Became aware of her after her collaboration with Brian Wilson, but now rate her one of the best current songwriters.

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  1. Guy Gardner says:

    The Fifth Dimension has always been my favorite, especially with Jim Webb and Burt Bacharach material… Johnny Rivers as well… I love the back of their
    album “Stone Soul Picnic” with JR lifting them off… Up, up, and away…

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