My favorite musicians: 41-50

In honor of my recent “golden” birthday, I thought I would do some blogposts listing my 50 favorite musicians. My rankings are based semi-scientifically on the number of songs from each artist that I regard as a real favorite, but I have used some judgment in coming up with my top 50. I’ve also used the widest definition of the music of a particular band so if I include the Beatles, it would include all their solo music as well i.e. I won’t list each Beatle.

Clearly, this list is very personal, and exclusion, or lower ranking of an artist does not imply that I am conclusively saying they are not as good as my topped ranked musicians. It’s just about the music that works for me.

So here are my artists ranked 41-50 (I haven’t done any ranking within the bands of 10)

Lloyd Cole: Scottish singer who became a favorite with his Commotions while I was still at high school.
Waterboys: Another Scottish band that I got to know during high school.
Clash: “The only band that matters” – not a punk fan in general, but they have a lot of songs that resonate
Rodriguez: I wasn’t a fan in his first wave of South African popularity but the movie converted me. An artist who helped change a country
Rolling Stones: Probably lower than many people will have them, but this is a strong list!
Van Morrison: Another artist who has been on my playlists for many years.
Zombies: Underrated and intelligent band who I am very glad to have seen perform live.
Crowded House: Neil Finn is a top songwriter. Also glad to have seen them live.
Roy Orbison: From the original school of rock and roll, the Caruso of rock was an early pioneer.
Marvin Gaye: What’s Going On? is still as relevant in 2017, Symphony was our wedding dance.

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