50 Years Again


Buffalo Springfield are a legendary group -not just for the musicians that came out of the group, but also for their music itself. This is best exemplified by their second album which celebrates is 50th today. While it is a cohesive musical statement, the individual members were already going in their own directions. Niel Young rocks out on Mr Soul, while Expecting To Fly and Broken Arrow are orchestral early Young classics- Broken Arrow’s disillusionment still resonating 50 years later. Stephen Stills contributions are more conventional rock, with Bluebird and Rock And Roll Woman regarded as classics, while Richard Furay contributes his first songs – Sad Memory is a beautiful ballad while A Child’s Claim To Fame is another beacon on the road to county rock. This may not be everyone’s first answer to classic records of 1967, but it makes most best albums lists,   and 50 years later, warrants repeat listens.

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