Changing 50 Years On

Image result for forever changes Since 1967 predates the internet, let alone Facebook, the exact release date of Forever Changes seems to have been lost in the sands of time. But evidence seems to point to early November 1967, so this does seem an appropriate time to celebrate 50 years of one of the best records ever released. Love’s masterpiece may not have burned up the charts, but in 2017 the record that focused on the flipside of the hippie dream seems more poignant than ever.

Indeed, at a time that many of the 1967 hippies may well have voted for greater division, the sense of paranoia and doom exhibited on tracks like The Red Telephone and A House Is Not A Motel seem a bit more relevant than many sentiments on Sergeant Pepper or wearing flowers in your hair. Not to mention the utter brilliance of Alone Again Or, Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale and You Set The Scene. \

There was a lot of great music in 1967, much of which remains fresh in 2017. But Forever Changes may well the album that resonates most fifty years on.

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