Time For A Greatest Hits

Brian’s first solo was released in 1988, which means that in his 55 year musical career, he has been mostly a solo artist for more than half of that time. Although it may not have been as prolific as the early Beach Boys days, it includes 11 studio albums and 2 live albums -an output not dissimilar to Paul McCartney and other contemporaries. But up until now, there have been no compilations of Brian Wilson as a solo artist.

That will all change on September 22 with the release of Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology, an 18 track compilation of Brian’s solo work from the 1988 eponymous solo album to 2015’s No Pier Pressure. Most interestingly, there will be two new tracks; an official release of Some Sweet Day, a great track from the Paley session and Run James Run, which was the working title of Pet Sounds but seems to be a completely different song and an outtake from the No Pier Pressure sessions. One could quibble with the tracklist (only one song from Lucky Old Sun?) but there is some great music here. Full tracklist is

  1. Love and Mercy
  2. Heroes and Villains
  3. Surf’s Up
  4. Melt Away
  5. Let It Shine
  6. Some Sweet Day
  7. Rio Grande
  8. Cry
  9. Lay Down Burden
  10. The First Time
  11. This Isn’t Love
  12. Soul Searchin’
  13. Gettin’ In Over My Head
  14. The Like in I Love You
  15. Midnight’s Another Day
  16. Colors of the Wind
  17. One Kind of Love
  18. Run, James, Run

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