The Other Twin

Two days and an ocean apart, Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney have together redefined not just pop music but 60s culture. Now Brian is also 75, and there is so much to celebrate and be thankful for. Common perception may be that Brian’s genius was all in his first 25 years, culminating in Pet Sounds, Good Vibrations  and the failure to release SMiLE. His second 25 years could be seen as a period of relative stagnation, notwithstanding albums like Love You and songs like ‘Til I Die, and included a lot of personal struggles. But his last twenty five years have been one’s of personal redemption as a live artist, as a Beach Boy (the 2012 reunion tour) and a conquerer of demons (SMiLE completed). The world may have gone backwards in the last few years, but in the ever-increasing oevure of great musical work, we have a comfort and joy of Brian’s great music. Mere words can’t really express our gratitude, but thank you Brian and happy birthday!

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