Never-Ending Pet Sounds OK, it will never equal Dylan’s “Never-ending” tour, but the extension of Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds tour well into the 52nd year of the album’s existence is pretty impressive. 2017 will now see 83 shows, slightly down on 2016, but still meaning that Brian and his band will spend almost one in four nights in 2017 on the road.

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  1. Doug S. says:

    It’s enough already. Brian will be within 50 minutes of my house at the end of this month and, despite traveling hundreds of mile by car and plane before to see him, I will not go. I see a show last Summer in Phoenix and Brian was barely there. Yes, he has good nights and bad, but it’s hard to imagine he WANTS to be touring like this. Like I said, enough. Let the man rest.

  2. Doug S. says:

    “hundreds of miles”

    “saw a show”

    Should have proofread. 😉

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