SMiLE Track-By-Track III: Roll Plymouth Rock

This track was commonly known to collectors (and even released on the Beach Boys box set) as Do You Like Worms?, which possibly gave an indication to outsiders of SMiLE’s weirdness. The bits and pieces that came out on the box set and “unofficial” releases also seemed incomplete; part of intriguing puzzle. But it all came together on the 2004 release under the more “palatable” title of Roll Plymouth Rock.

As with many things related to Van Dyke Parks, there are a million things happening at once, but the major themes seems to be exploring America, colonization and possibly a loss of innocence. As with many things on SMiLE, there are sections and sub-sections, including the famous Bicycle Rider chorus and the “Hawaii” chorus which is insanely catchy and, like much of SMiLE, imprints itself on your brain permanently.

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