SMiLE Track-By-Track I: Our Prayer/Gee

In further celebration of the 50th anniversary of when SMiLE was originally planned to be released, I’m going to do a reboot of the track-by-track (based on Brian’s 2004 released version).

The opening of SMiLE immediately suggests we are doing something very different to Pet Sounds. While Pet Sounds hinted indirectly at spirituality (God Only Knows coming closest), Our Prayer starts as a direct invocation to a higher force and inspiration -those ascending notes immediately taking us to a place that can only be called spiritual, however we interpret that term.

And then we are taken back to earth and teenage emotions, as Brian opens the great American songbook with an excerpt of Gee (how I love that girl). SMiLE has been playing for just over a minute, and we can already see a wide canvas of American life.


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