It’s My Birthday Too


The Association are possibly the archetypal Sunshine Pop group with their harmonies and lyrics about sunshine and flowers. I know some people may find them insubstantial and sappy but I was always a sucker for Cherish, and indeed my first CD was the Association’s greatest hits as I couldn’t get it on any other format and I really wanted that song. So I had this CD for almost two years before I had a CD player (I did dub the song onto the tape thanks to a friendly cousin). Last year, I got the more complete 2 CD collection Just The Right Sound, and am now trying to collect the original CDs.

Birthday was their fourth album, and was released pretty much after the horse had bolted for the Association in terms of big hits and national fame. This 1968 album does contain their last top 10, Everything That Touches You, and appears to be made at a time of some internal turmoil for the band. They also turned down Jimmy Webb’s Macarthur Park at that time, which appears to have been a mistake in hindsight. However, as with many bands in their most turbulent time, the music has a harmonic and joyful quality, reflected in the lyrics which seem to be all about incence, throwing away one’s watches and going barefoot. Indeed, the lyrics almost seem to be a template for love and peace in a turbulent world. Although there is the odd moment where the vocals may have been stonger, I still think is a great album and another gem from the Sunshine Pop era. No, it’s not really my birthday but this is a present you could open every day.

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  1. Mallow says:


    No! You shouldn’t do that!…

  2. Mr. E says:

    Birthday is my favorite Association album… great stuff

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