It Really Is Time To Get Together

The Explorers Club's profile photoIt’s already a cliche to say it’s been a tough year with more bad news than good -yet there have been a few shards of great joy. Brian Wilson performing his greatest work 50 years after it’s release is one; Leicester City winning the English Premier League is another. And now you can add to the list the release today of The Explorers Club third album, Together.

Readers of this blog will know my love of their first two albums, Freedom Wind and Grand Hotel. The quality of these two records certainly made the release of Together a much awaited event, and I am very glad to report that it doesn’t disappoint. While the record remains firmly faithful to the Brian Wilson sound, there is a harmonic quality to the album that takes it well past the realms of simply copying the California to something that is both transcendent and much needed in these disharmonious times. A reference point may be the Beach Boys album Sunflower, and this is to the extent that this record is very much the equal of the 1970 Beach Boys fan favorite album.

One can see the love and care that has been put it into all eleven of the main tracks of the album, but some of the standouts include California’s Callin’ Ya, simply one of the great tunes of this decade and with that ethereal quality similar to From There To Back Again, and Before I’m Gone,  with it’s fabulous ending. Quietly and Don’t Waste Her Time are timeless pop singles, while the title track will rightfully get you singing along in your head, even if it isn’t playing.

This year, including today’s events, we have heard a lot about a world that seems to be drifting apart. So now, more than ever, it really is time to get Together.

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