Brian’s Hidden Beauties XXXIX: Had To Phone Ya

Few fans will rate 15 Big Ones as one of their most beloved albums from the Beach Boys, but there are a few classic moments on this album when you realise this isn’t just a 60s nostalgia group grabbing at past glories. One of these moments is Had To Phone Ya, a track linking back to the Pet Sounds outtake, Trombone Dixie, and also attempted by Spring.

The song is notable for lead vocals from each of the five “classic line-up” Beach Boys, with Brian rasping in his “manly” voice in the end. His somewhat desperate “come on and answer the phone” is a hint at the tenor of the soon-to-be-released Love You album, but again, it is the ability of the Beach Boys to hit at the chord of an everyday feeling that makes this song so effective.

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