Brian Breaks The Final Barrier

The Brian Wilson story took a fantastic turn tonight in London as he unveiled his new work That Lucky Old Sun (A Narrative) in front of an appreciative London crowd tonight. He has proved that he could write a great work (Pet Sounds), and three years ago, he proved he could finish another great piece (SMiLE). Now, he has shown that he has another great work in him,  40 years after the genesis of the previous two.

It was a beautiful late summer evening in London and the omens seemed right for something special. The first half concentrated entirely on the 60s, Brian seemed enthusiastic, and although there were the odd fluffs, the audience responded well. There was a teaser from That Lucky Old Sun, and the teasing track from Wild Honey, I’d Love Just Once To See You. Fittingly, the half ended with songs from Pet Sounds and then SMiLE.

And then That Lucky Old Sun. It is an experience sitting through completely new Brian Wilson music and being transported into some special places. It basically seems like a homage to Los Angeles, and a retrospective on the journey of Brian’s own life. The singing and playing were almost note perfect – it was truly great.

The normal rock and roll encores took place and then a slightly odd rendition of She’s Leaving Home to close.

Setlist as I have it.

Girl Don’t Tell Me
Dance Dance Dance
Salt Lake City
Catch A Wave
Then I Kissed Her
In My Room
Lucky Old Sun (teaser)
Do You Wanna Dance
When I Grow Up To Be A Man
She Knows Me Too Well
I’d Love Just Once To See You
Do It Again
Please Let Me Wonder
California Girls
Sloop John B
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
God Only Knows
Heroes And Villiains
Good Vibrations
That Lucky Old Sun
(new song, didn’t know title)
Good Time Love? (brilliant)
Forever My Surfer Girl (brilliant)
Live Let Live (from Arctic Tale, nice to hear it)
Mexican Girl
California Roll
Oxygen To The Brain
Can’t Wait Too Long (only old piece used, pictures of the Wilson brothers shown, very poignant)
Midnight’s Another Day
Lucky Old Sun (fragment)
Going Home?
Southern California (poignant ballad to end)
(immediate standing ovation)
Johnny Be Goode
I Get Around
Help Me Rhonda
Barbara Ann (Brian on bass)
Surfin’ USA (Brian on bass)
Fun Fun Fun
She’s Leaving Home

More when I have digested it all, and don’t have to pay a king’s ransom for internet accesss. I’m still glowing, and hope to have a long evening still discussing with fans here at the Travel Inn, Waterloo.

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  1. jukka says:

    If you bump into a Finnish couple they’re probably my mates Jouko & Kati. Tell ’em I’m sooooooo jealous of not being there. 🙂

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