Sunshine From A Less Sunshiney Country

Sunshine Pop may be most associated with the sunshine of California, but exponents of the genre have come from many places. These include Canada, not necessarily the first place one associates with sunshine, but is the home to the The Sugar Shoppe. The group recorded one album produced by Wrecking Crew member Al De Lory, and this album was reissued on CD last year, including bonus tracks.

While the music can be described as fairly standard sunshine pop, it certainly isn’t as sugary as the group’s name may suggest. Songs like The Attitude and Let The Truth Come Out have quite an edge to them, while one of the highlights is the bonus track cover of Easy To Be Hard which is moving and very relevant today. Other highlights include Donovan’s Skip-A-Long Sam, Privilege and Take Me Away which encapsulate the melody and spirit of Sunshine Pop. There are a few weaker songs, which detract slightly, but it certainly shows that the sunshine doesn’t end on the 49th parallel. Any fans of good pop music should head here and get a dose of sugar which can only be good for you.

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