Brian’s Hidden Beauties CIII: Guess I’m Dumb

Glen Campbell in concert January 25, 2004 in Texas

I actually posted about Guess I’m Dumb as a “hidden beauty” some time back, but forgot to tag it in the series, so it got lost in the history and numbering. But it’s easy enough to alter history on the internet, so I’ve deleted the old post and resurrected it here, where the song can take its rightful place in the “pantheon”

Brian “gave away” a number of songs in the early years of the Beach Boys to other artists, but surely none is as brilliant as Guess I’m Dumb. It was apparently given to Glen Campbell as a thank you gift for filling in for Brian in the touring band in 1965. For reasons only known to pop pickers in ’65, it didn’t chart, but Brian clearly felt he owed Glen Campbell a lot because this song is simply brilliant.

The song is often noted as a precursor to Pet Sounds, and it would certainly belong quite nicely on that album with its big production and heartfelt lyrics about the insecurities of love. Brian wasn’t noted for big horn arrangements on many songs, but the horns are a powerful feature of this song and propel it into the ranks of the sublime.

At one stage this song was rather hard to get hold of, but you can now get it on the Pet Projects compilation alongside other songs Brian “gave away.” And if you haven’t heard this song at all, why not see and hear it here on YouTube. You could even learn to do the Guess I’m Dumb dance moves…..

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  1. Q says:

    Would love to hear Brian sing lead on this…any versions like that?

  2. Andrew says:

    Never heard a version with Brian vocals…the new box set has an instrumental

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