Orpheus In The Recordworld

So, we’re on to the 3rd and final of our 3Os of late 60s pop rock quality albums, and this is the most obscure of the lot. Orpheus were a Boston based group who were touted as part of a new “Bosstown” sound. The scene didn’t really take off, but they left a legacy of four albums and are worth seeking out.

Their first album is self-titled (as it their fourth, which is normally known as Orpheus 4) and is, in my view, easily the best of the lot. The fourth album takes off in some prog-rock directions that don’t always work, but the first sticks to a solid sunshine pop formula of horns, strings, basic rock instrumentation with a nod towards psychedelia on the last two tracks.

Indeed, the last track The Dream is a really beautiful synthesis of Western and Eastern musical traditions and is, in my book, one of the best Indian-influenced pop tracks ever and a real highlight of the album. The highlight, however, is Can’t Find The Time, a track that gained some recognition as part of the soundtrack of the 2000 movie Me, Myself And Irene.  It is one of those romantic songs that turns me into mushy jelly and pine for flowers, candlelight and all that stuff. The rest is all pretty solid sunshine sounds with good production, vocals and harmonies and sufficiently mystical lyrics to place it firmly in the 60s.

You’ll probably battle to get this on vinyl or CD but it is now readily available for download on eMusic– a very worthwhile investment of a few dollars or equivalent.

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