Brian’s Hidden Beauties CI: Thank Him

For the Brian’s Hidden Beauties series of posts, I’ve tried to restrict the songs chosen to those which have had some sort of official release (even if not by Brian or the Beach Boys). I’m not sure if I’ll stick to this “rule” , but at the rate great songs like Thank Him are seeing the light of day, it may well be possible that all the great Brian music will get some sort of official release in the foreseeable future.

Thank Him may still only be in  fairly rough form as a demo, but it shows Brian’s ability early on to capture a simple heartfelt feeling and make it transcendental. The transcendence of this track is a bit more obvious in the lyric seemingly thanking a higher power for simple love – a feeling which is expressed in a more complicated manner in late works. But for a prime piece of early Brian balladry, look no further than here.

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