It’s Really For You

Just a reminder about my friend Jukka’s excellent blog on the songs that the Beatles gave away– and I wanted to write a bit about one of the songs that he recently spoke about, the intriguing Lennon/Mc Cartney (presumably mostly Mc Cartney) It’s For You, performed by Cilla Black. ├é┬áDating from 1964, when the Beatles sound was still fairly young, this is a jazzy waltz that sounds very sophisticated for its time. No doubt the George Martin production helps, but the tune and lyric also add to the intrigue, and ultimately brilliance, of the piece.

Oddly enough, I heard two covers of the song before I heard the Cilla original- a radical reworking by Three Dog Night (making an obscure Brian Wilson connection through Brian’s association with Dogger Danny Hutton) and a more faithful rendition by brilliant Nashville popsters, Swan Dive.

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